We Are a Resilient Nation and We Will Get Through This TOGETHER

To our friends,

We want to thank all the healthcare workers and first responders for their continued herculean efforts, fighting off the spread of COVID-19. As they work tirelessly, risking their own health, their only ask is for us to stay in the comfort of our homes. We also thank those continuing to work in grocery stores, pharmacies, trucking companies, construction, sanitation, etc. to provide supplies and services that are still needed during this time. They are all our global silent heroes. We are truly grateful for each of you: Thank You, Grazie, Danke, Gracias, Merci.

During these trying times, we are reaching out to offer our continued support, and to extend our best wishes and heartfelt concern. As we monitor this current situation, our ongoing thought is the safety and well-being of our valued staff, partners, and clients. Although our showrooms in New York City, Sag Harbor, Cold Spring Harbor, and in Michigan are closed by local government, our corporate HQ team is working remotely, and our design team remains ready to assist you. Designing remotely is not new to our design team. Much of what we produce on a daily basis is virtually accomplished, from pricing, designing, approvals, and more. We will continue our design efforts and will provide technical support for our ongoing projects as needed.

Together we will ensure the future remains positive and we’ll do all we can to help our community get through this time. We have all weathered challenging circumstances before, and we are continually working to come through this unusual space in time ever stronger!

- Bob and Paul

Bakes & Kropp
Written By Bakes & Kropp