Walk in Pantry: Organization Meets Inspiration

The walk-in pantry. It’s an amateur chef’s best friend, helping to release creative kitchen organization skills and bring a functional but beautiful aesthetic to the hub of the home. With 80% of home buyers saying this is a storage solution they’d love to have, it’s well worth considering adding one to your kitchen.

The Allure of Walk-In Pantries

There was a time every home came with a pantry and separate rooms for root vegetables and preserves. Then came cooking spaces with freestanding hutches and iceboxes. Fast forward to today’s kitchens: fully equipped cooking and entertaining centers with subzero refrigerators and wall-to-wall custom cabinetry.

So why the current passion for walk-in pantries? It’s probably an equal mix of nostalgia and Americans’ propensity for bulk buying!

While most walk-in pantries hold dry and canned goods, some people incorporate a butler’s pantry for storing linens, small appliances, stemware, good china, and even cleaning supplies.

walk in pantries 2Custom Organized Walk-In Pantries

Many older homes in our corner of the world are already equipped with walk-in pantries and their owners can’t imagine their kitchens without them. And for good reason. They offer a wealth of benefits, including:

  • Maximum storage space. The biggest pro of walk-ins, multiple walls of customized cabinets, inserts, and shelving hold dozens of kitchen essentials.
  • Better organization. Cabinet pantries aren’t inefficient by any means. But with designated spaces for ingredients, spices, cookbooks, pots, and pans, you’ll find it much easier to stay more organized and relaxed with a walk-in version. Items can be sorted by columns or rows, by food group, or even holiday season.
  • Stow appliances with ease. From toasters, bread boxes and coffee makers to juicers and mixers, walk-in pantries comfortably store all those appliances that can take up valuable kitchen counter space. Some people include at least one custom hutch with countertop and install electrical outlets so they can use certain appliances like the microwave or slow cook right in the pantry. Others include a second refrigerator.

Make the Walk-In Pantry Your Own

There are many approaches to a well-designed walk-in pantry. The one that’s best for your kitchen design will be different from someone else’s. Whatever design choices you make, it helps to make a checklist of what you want your pantry to be before you start building. How will you use the space? Which way will the door open?

Once you have the basics decided, here are some of our favorite ideas for making your walk-in pantry your own.

  • Make the pantry an extension of your home. Instead of a plain closet look, consider things like tile flooring, pendant lighting, and pocket doors to make it special.
  • Maximize vertical space. Take the shelves all the way to the ceiling and install a library ladder. Store rarely used items on the topmost levels.
  • A baker’s dream. Narrow slotted areas for cookie sheets and other pans are one of the smartest ways to keep your baking supplies organized.
  • Roll with it. Install a set of rollout drawers for easy access to otherwise hard-to-reach items. Shelves and cabinets can also be customized with sliding baskets and trays to hold bulky or bagged items like chips and produce.

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A custom walk-in pantry can completely change how you think and feel about your kitchen. Consider your lifestyle, available space, and needs when planning your own walk-in.

If you’re ready to add a walk-in pantry to your existing kitchen, or you’re planning a kitchen remodel, get in touch with us today. We can’t wait to help you design the perfect kitchen storage solution for your home. Visit http://www.bakesandkropp.com/the-details/ for more information.


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