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Thinking about renovating your kitchen before next season? Here’s some guidelines to understand what you need to do!

Do you envision recreating your current kitchen before the start of next years season? Now is the time to start planning. The Market is beginning to heat up as more people, having spent time at home,...

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We Are a Resilient Nation and We Will Get Through This TOGETHER

To our friends,

We want to thank all the healthcare workers and first responders for their continued herculean efforts, fighting off the spread of COVID-19. As they work tirelessly, risking their own...

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Bakes & Kropp, The Designers Choice

 Designing a luxury kitchen or bath is an easier and more enjoyable experience when you work with a fine cabinetry company that’s earned the title “designer’s choice.”

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The Process of Designing a Luxury Kitchen

Everyone defines “creating a luxury kitchen” in their own way, but most would agree the result is the showpiece of the modern home. At Bakes & Kropp, we believe the ultimate design statement of any...

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