Bakes and Kropp NYC Location Continues to Advance during the Coronavirus

NYC has been on pause for the past three months, but during that time Bakes & Kropp continued to focus on one of our core values: Keep Improving. We are excited to share that our flagship New York City kitchen showroom in Manhattan's New York Design Center (200 Lexington Avenue) has not one, but two newly-finished spaces. By diligently following all CDC guidelines, including the use of PPE, and ensuring proper sanitization, and having only one installer present at a time during the height of the NYC shut-down. We have carefully completed a new front kitchen display and custom workstations for current and future staff members – as we continue to grow and expand our team! We are eager to return to resume appointments from our updated showroom starting Monday, July 6th.


Our new front kitchen display captures the Bakes and Kropp aesthetic in a manner that suits New York City design trends. This kitchen features clean lines, dramatic lighting, and a variety of textures from metal finishes, glass accents, and our signature Fossil Walnut stained finish, contrasted with bright white painted cabinets. We are excited to introduce our NYC market to this must-see kitchen display.

Our new workstation space provides not only an efficient working area for our staff and future staff members but also adds to the contemporary aesthetic in our portfolio. Clean lines, high-gloss painted finishes, and cabinets that feature electronic lift-up doors, all create a beautifully modern look that is also trending in the New York City area.


While the past several months have been unprecedented, we are proud to say that Bakes and Kropp has continued to thrive. Though we may not have been available to meet in our showrooms, we have been encouraged by the continued need for remote design services, and are eager to return to ongoing renovation projects. Now more than ever, this pause has shown how important functional design and beautiful aesthetics are to the home environment. If you've spent more time cooking with your family, helping children with their education, and/or creating make-shift office space in your kitchen, perhaps you've also given thought to how your space could better suit your needs. We remain ready to help you with that task!


Photos of our new renovated spaces in our NYC showroom coming soon!


Bakes and Kropp Fine Cabinetry will be here to support our industry partners during these extraordinary times. Now more than ever, we need to stay connected! We would love to hear from you. If you have any questions about product or process please don’t hesitate to contact our Sales & Marketing Director, Joyce Malavé at 


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